Not every story told is always in the newsletter, for good reasons.  However, more dirt about the club and  members can be found on this page.  If you have anything you want to share with the members, let Sutton know.  Shoot, you could be famous and banned from the WCC.    


Sir Lost a lot, Sir Willie Sutton and the mysterious Black Knight recently were notified by the page of Sir George Krug of an invitation to join Sir George at a local tavern where Sir George would relate his recent quest for the holy grail through numerous counties on the old continent of Europe. As the Knights of Blue from the burg of Grand Junction will recall, Sir George was a member of the local constabulary for many years before he transferred his membership in the Knights of Blue to the Burroughs of Ontario, Canada.

Sir George regaled those assembled with many adventures encountered as well as the results of several tournaments of arms sponsored by some of  the various royal families. Sir George was victorious in some of the feats of arms and returned with several valuable trophies.

Sir George offered Sir Willie one of his trophies in return for various favors previously rendered. But upon seeing the unique time piece that Sir George had been presented by the King of Switzerland, Sir Willie declined to accept as he stated he had several similar items at his castle. Having won so many valuable trophies of silver and gold, Sir George insisted on sharing his bounty. The Black Knight also declined as he felt the time piece would just not match his black armor and black under garments.

Sir George then offered the gift to Sir Lost a lot who readily accepted. Sir Lost a lot then commissioned paintings made of this magnificent gift. These paintings are attached. Lost a lot then pledged to Sir George to search his home Burg of grand Junction for a return gift. He specifically mentioned he would try to find a holy silver bell that Sir George could attached to his trusted steed that is told by the sooth-sayers to ward away the monsters of the road.

Upon completion of a few pints, the Knights went merrily along their way so Sir George could prepare to depart on another quest, this time to the land of smoke belching, raucous dragons and home of watery brews preferred by lesser Knights. 

Respectfully submitted by your faithful scribe Sir Lost a lot.


Well, dang, many members and wives (and others) were ready for a good Judy's breakfast at Judy's but president Jim, the other Jim, no, not the Morris Jim or the Rupe Jim or the Birdsill Jim, but  the Jackson Jim, forgot to make reservations so he, with foot in mouth, hosted the breakfast at his home at his expense with beau-coup apologies for those who were enjoying the supposed free repast.  However, anyone so desired could locate the tip jar and put in some cash to help poor old Jim with the lousy memory with the costs of feeding those who like to eat.  The food was excellent, lots of pancakes cooked outside with the help of Bridger's tongue, bacon burned to its crisp perfection, sauage patties, and scrambled eggs with two kinds of sauce.  Oh, and donuts, lots of gooey calorie free donuts just the way the 'blue guys' like them.  
The other Jim, the Birdsill one, read the minutes from the previous ride and meeting which were very similar to the minutes posted elsewhere on this website.  Amazing.  
After the meeting filled with lots of really pertinent stuff  and information which most of you will not remember or care about anyway was adjourned but not before a really proud grand daddy passed around a picture of his special grand daughter, which appears right here so you can see why he is so proud.  Who is he? Well, that is a great question.  Guess you will have to guess until you can figure it out. A clue, his name is NOT Jim.   Here is the picture.  And, for information, this special granddaughter did this all by herself to surprise her granddaddy.  

Before I forget, several motions were made and squashed by the omnipresence of the supposed potentate Jim, motions proposing that all future minutes should be weekly and held at Jim's house at his expense, forever, unless and until he runs out of donuts.  One thing about Jim, he really has a low threshold of sense of humor.  
A highlight of the meeting was the presence of Earl and Millie Sawyer's daughter and her son-in-law.  Most of the long term members remember the Sawyers as really neat folks and the meeting we had at their Rifle house the day Earl rode to Heaven.  Heck, I bought his Yamaha dirt bike from Millie later and enjoyed it for years.  
Big thanks to Jim and Arlene for the use of their house, the food, the back yard, and the donuts.  We, well, most of us, really appreciate it.  Keep it up.  
With any luck, there will be OFFICIAL MINUTES posted on the MEMBERS INFORMATION page whenever Jim has time to write them, after putting people in rivers and taking them out.  

In lieu of the wildly anticipated official Birdsill minutes, here is the actual and verified account of the mini-adventure in the land of dragons. 

On the thirteen day of May in the year of our Lord 2017, the gallant Knights of the Blue and their ladies from the Grand Valley Clan departed on another valiant quest led by Sir Lostalot. The quest this time was an attempt to find the fabled Holy Grill (ie: The cheapest café in the country with good hamburgers).  First, a carefully planned stop was made in the Burg of Rifle so our party could be reinforced by our brother Knights of the Gunfightter (this is Paul's copyrighted spelling and you cannot use it without his permission)  Clan. We were honored to met at the agreed upon rendezvous by the Local Sergeant of Arms in his full battle regalia and three other Knights.
Thus reinforced the party of twelve mounted Knights and a party of eighteen souls, followed by a four wheeled cart carrying a temporarily dismounted Knight and his lady departed the Burg of Rifle to continue the quest.
Arriving in the historic Village of Meeker the assembled voyagers found the historic Hotel Meeker which will be built in the year of our Lord 1896. Entering the café we indulged in the food and quitted our thirst with a beverage. At the end of the repast, an official meeting of the Knights assembled was held by The Chief Knight of the Grand Valley Clan, Sir Jim Jackson. The full results of the meeting were carefully documented by our official scribe Sir James Birdsill. It was unanimously decided by the group that our quest for the Holy Grill was not yet competed and further quests would be required and  undertaken at another time. 
The assembled Knights then divided into two groups. The first returning to the Burg of Rifle by the most direct route and the other venturing to their home castles by way of the Shire of Rangley and the arduous pass of Douglas.
The quest was visibly recorded by Lady Jeanette Seal and will be available on the official chronicles maintained by Sir Willie Sutton. (personally I prefer the term LORD.  Lord Willie has a nice ring to it, doncha think?)
To the best knowledge of this reporter of the venture, all parties returned safely home with renewed vigor and sustained interest in the quest to find the Holy Grill. The next quest will be held on the tenth day of the month of June and will be led by the esteemed leader of the Knights of Blue Grand Valley Clan, Sir Jim Jackson. Further details will be supplied.
Faithfully submitted by your comrade in arms, Sir Lostalot.
A tall tale told by precocious Paul aka Randy Rundle
On the eighth day of April in the year of our Lord 2017, five valiant Knights of the Order of the Blue accompanied by their lovely ladies left their comfortable castles to venture forth on a quest. The quest was required due to persistant rumors of possible vandals, miscreants and even the possibility of fire breathing felons in the old fabled town of Moab.
Fighting gale force winds, blowing gravel and some large black creatures with utters, the intrepid ten followed the lead of Sir Morris into the environs of the fabled city. After suffering from the wind blowing the glove off one ladies hand and the battle helmet from Sir Birdsill hitting the turf, the group found the grassy knoll just inside the city. There being none of the searched for villains about, the group decided upon a repast.
During the meal a discussion was held about additional rumors running about. A decision was made that next month on the second Saturday an additional quest was required. It has been heard that some of these same problems may be occurring in the fabled city of Meeker. Sir Lostalot volunteered to lead the group upon this quest. All Knights of the order of Blue and their ladies are requested to meet at the village of Cameo exit at 0930 hours to search out these vile reports and to fulfil their previously sworn oath to serve and protect the empire even if they are long of tooth and short of memory.
The ladies set a wonderful table, prepared a nice fire and grilled filet mignons, various vegetables and some beans, followed by blackbird pie, served with a magnificent bottle of Monet, and finished with a goblet of one hundred year old Armanak. Properly refreshed the Knights and Ladies mounted their trusty stead's. The return trip to the environs of the Grand Valley were without incident, with the worthy Knights and ladies returning to the safety of their castles to rest, recover and quell the lasting thirst acquired.
Photographic evidence for this tale of devotion and bravery has been furnished.
Respectfully submitted by your not so loyal servant.

The INFORMAL 141 Ride with George, observed by Sutton with Reed in attendance. 

It’s a darn good thing this ‘ride’ was billed and advertised as an unofficial BK ride or we would have had way too many people showing up riding wheeled things of various number of wheels cuz even it was so advertised, Reed was positive it was a very important ride to escort a V.I.P from Canada to some lofty position in Europe or somewhere to attend some foreign convention or party or get-together to drink beer or all of the above.  As it was Erick was the only BK III to show up, well not counting Sutton who always shows up for the stuff no one else shows up for and Krug who was going to do it no matter who went with him. George is that way.

It was discerning to be waiting at the popular CDOT barn without horses, but still called a barn, to watch a lone H.D. (that’s short for Davidkin Hardly) make the corner and come right in to where George is drinking coffee and I was watching.  I didn’t expect anyone.  Sort of like the official rides.  George just blinked like “Who is this guy and what is he doing here?”  But Erick didn’t care.  He just got off his black H. D. and swaggered right up to George and stuck out his hand, still certain George was somebody important.  I had to laugh.  

When we were pretty darn sure no other bikes or trikes or whatever would show up, we/they saddled up and headed out toward Gateway.  Then another H.D. pulled in behind us, a couple seeming intent to be a part of our party.  So I let them between Reed and me and followed them to the junction with 141 and the Divide Road (bet you don’t have a clue where that is, but I do) where they pulled off.  Dang, we just lost 25% of our group and didn’t have a clue who they were.  

After pussy-footing leisurely (waiting for the Harley, Krug says) to Gateway, we had to stop at the 141 Cafe to remember the good old days when we could eat there and it was open.  Not in that order.  Some pictures for proof for those who may have been a part of the club when people rode, then a stop at the convenience store for some liquid and a snack.  A couple of real old guys, probably in their 50s, were giving their V-Stroms a rest on the porch so we visited with them, kind of.  No, they, the guys were on the porch.  The bikes were … OK, you know.  After a can of V8 and something difficult to describe we headed for Naturita.  You know, I really expected George to ride a little faster than he did, but he is getting old and his German steed had 187,000 miles or so on it and a Harley was following him, but even so I was surprised when the V-Strom duo flashed by and disappeared in the distance.  George never even blinked, just putted along at 70 like he had all day to get wherever he was taking us.  

Well, I shudda known.  He was taking us to Naturita where he had staked out a closed business where he could park, and us too, in front, off the street, so he could walk to the next door grocery for a can of StarBucks cappuccino.  It takes a long time to drink something in a can filled with caffeine and no alcohol.  So we kicked back, talked, and bugged Rupe while making fun of some guy in a beat up Ford PU dragging main looking for Rupe’s girl friend.  Krug claims this guy overheard the phone call to Jim and wanted to meet Jim’s special lady.  From what I heard, she is a real knock-out.

Finally,we woke Reed up to tell him Rupe told me on the phone that Erick's wife was locked out of his house.  Erick said "There's no way, we never lock the patio" or something like that so I guessed Rupe was telling stories, kind of like he always does.  Then we continued on the quest for something really interesting needing a picture taken so we could show we really did go where we will claim we went.  Thus the stop at Dallas Divide for the snow photos. And, by the way, it was a lot colder there than in Uniweep Canyon. 

I did happen to mention that there were several breweries in Montrose which should have been mentioned much earlier to cut the travel time in half.  George did reach 80 a couple of times which terrified Erick, but he hung right in there all the way to the 2Rascals brewery.  George immediately made friends with the huge crowd, like maybe 4, when he announced to the barmaid person “Who do I have to sleep with to get a beer?”  It was touch and go wondering whether we would get beat up, kicked out, or served.  As it turned out, it was a pretty good line, one I’ll never use because of the options. 

So, some darn good hamburgers, cold brew, laughter, and goodbyes to all Georges’s new friends. The ones draping over the bar.  I’m sorry you missed this fun ride.  I know you did because everyone did.  The next time George announces he is going to ride and you can go, go.  It is worth it.