Note:  if any of you have any pictures of anything we have done, and if you would like to have them or a write-up, or both, available for other members to enjoy, give an email or call to Sutton and if he is in the mood, it might show up on the BK III website, which you are now looking at.  

Big surprise, the 2016 January Banquet was again held at Pantuso's because the food is excellent and because they provide a large room for us.  This year about 58 folks made the trip to eat, visit, drink, and vote in our NEW PRESIDENT JOSH CRAINE.  Mike Tyler was elected as a Director so there would be two people from Parachute to get all the stuff done. The Parachute/Rifle bunch comprise of about 20% of our membership, so it only makes good sense to have them represented on our Board.  Here are some pictures so you can see what you missed, if you did.  

If you don't think it is fun to eat wonderful food, listen to President Rupe wax eloquent, and take home all the food you can carry, plus elect all the dummies again who have been keeping the outfit together, plus visit with all the brothers and sisters, young and old, plus have a glass of wine, then you don't know what you missed.  Click on a picture to see it bigger.  

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 In memory of Sheriff C. B. Whitney who was killed in the line of duty in Ellsworth, Kansas, in 1873.  Sheriff Whitney is the Great Grandfather of Member Bill Sutton. Sheriff Whitney was murdered by shot gun blast from Billy Thompson, the brother of famous gunfighter Ben Thompson.