The following schedule is loosely taken from the Knight Cap, from anonymous phone calls, or from other nefarious sources.  Accuracy is guaranteed ... depending on the sources.  To see the OFFICIAL 2018 ride schedule, be patient.  The Ride Committee is working hard on it and it is damn near impossible to satisfy all of you. 
To see a list of suggested rides, just click on LIST and see if it works.  If you have any input or just want to bitch, contact Gert, Rupe or Jackson.  They are used to it.  

 Or, if you don't want to be bothered to check out the calendar try this.   As an option, you can double check this against the information on the Knight Cap page, which should really confuse you.  

 Meeting Information

If you missed the last breakfast meeting, or you can't remember what happened, the OFFICIAL MINUTES are, or should be, posted on the 'Members Information'' page.  Stories about a ride after or other interesting stuff can be found on the 'Stories and More' page.  

Pending any upcoming information or wishes